By: Augustine Ikeh (Vanike)

He was the breeze of the spring,
Singing alive the deadness of my Autumn
His life philanthropically affecting lives.
Letting me know
The fall of the winter
Has never made it a looser
But a win*tar
Where success run on wings to fly.

His shoulders were the only gym my tears found fitness.
He is Akara, I am Bread,
Our compatibility is a genotype miracle.

Protected by your gaze
Until the bleakness of night when the sight of light went blind.
Mr Handsome, had some ease on hard sums
With thrusts into my trust.
Repeatedly, without trusting if it was right to thrust in.

My innocence,
Taken under the watch of the spring
Ripped-off the thoughts of tomorrow.
Trust, a sonorous sound slicing through the wings of my ears
Faithfully oppressed by fait* fully
Aware of my fears
Amidst my tears
Promiscuity a Ph. D in my degrees

Is 8 years gone
Eyes closed all I could see is the clock on the wall
With scars as tattoos
And these wall is my heart

When I spoke
The world was the Pharisees with Fingers as guns pointing,
Waiting on the command of their hidden faults to shoot
I am no Deborah how can I judge

But Pls give me a ring let me engage a discussion
On the default settings of our thinking
Which has allowed the faults to set in.

That the clothes we wear, the way we walk, the way we talk are the major propeller of the flight of these casualties

But no the truth is ,
Why not we take a look at passing our sons through the nursery foundations of found actions.

Legitimate in thoughts and livelihood,
renewing their minds ,and repositioning their characters,
Educating them in actions and Beautiful deeds,
And not schooling them with certificates ,
Reminding them that there is dignity in labour and not short cuts that cut our ways short.

Teaching them that we are all one, one body in Christ

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