By: Sunday Ezeani

Reno Omokri, most of your quotes are based on half-baked knowledge that could be detrimental to human existence. In your quote below, I just observed materialistic reductionism; you want to reduce human suffering to economic difficulty. And so paying, and not praying which helps human being to fix the ‘why of his existence, becomes the main focus to alleviate human suffering.
The fact remains that Marxism, which Reno Omokri seems to propagate in his thought, has identified some of the human problems but it has never solved them. Man is an enigma, mere ‘paying’ cannot eradicate human suffering. In fact what is the origin of human suffering? What is human suffering? Is human suffering merely materialistic or transcendental or both? How do we solve human suffering?
Many people are now applauding Omokri for presenting facts of our human existence today. But do you know that fact is not truth. Fact could reveal truth but it is not identical with truth. And so I wish to call us to reflect deeply; has Omokri’s statement below shown the truth about human suffering? Can ‘paying’ really solve human suffering? Can one who is not praying pay for the other’s problem?
Unfortunately, he cited the biblical story of good Samaritan to butress and substantiate the importance of making money in order to pay for the other’s suffering. But in actual sense, what made the good Samaritan to help the wounded man? Is it his economic power or his spiritual power? Is it his net worth or his virtue?
On this note, is Omokri trying to say that by making money one could learn the virtue of helping humanity?
Nevertheless, I respect the opinion of our reverend brother Omokri. He tries probably to call our attention to the fact of helping people in problem, probably in a materialistically pragmatic manner. However, the facts he has presented has not I shown the full truth about human suffering and how to solve it. Instead of giving paying priority over praying in solving human suffering, I choose the inverse. Thanks

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