Swayed Feelings

By: Callistus Chisom

How can I tell you this
Or should I let these feelings fade
How would you feel knowing my thoughts
Or it will be best to keep mute

Everyone who had me advised said it’s simple
But why does it feel as if my heart is weighed down each time I think of letting you know
To be in my thoughts they say means much
And to let go means being strong
But I am not strong At least, not as many thought

I feel disappointed knowing of the disappointment many will tend to feel
So many engagements that got me entangled to you
My most indent desire that had none to speak to
Everyone thinks of me foolish
Even the very ones I call my own

If I am OK, would you feel OK with me
Or would you see me as a wasted wish
Let me not make you feel bad has kept me here
Let me not be that boy you see everyday and sigh
Let me not be the one that triggers words which ought not be

I am here just for you
I am here just confused
I am here but also elsewhere


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