ears shut to the wailing sky
eyes blinded to the flooding streets
heart hardened and head held straight forward
for nothing stops his movement at mid night

he goes alone amidst the chirping of insects
darkness enveloped his shadowy body
he slithers unnoticed like a snake in a mission
his only light is the lamp tied to his forehead
the lamp is stationed like the moon in the sky

the pathway bushes tug his cloth in compliment
he pulls open the shrubs on his way as a Pathfinder
his bare feet dare the spindle & spine of its pedestal
he sighs away every excruciating prick that prickles
his palms are as soft as bark of trees
his heels naturally break & remain open like ear hole

survival stands straight in success route
he climbs, taps and sells to feed dependent mouths
the height of a palm tree never posed obstacles
he must tap and quench the unquenchable stomachs

Nwokeabia, Ifeanyi John is a poet and teacher. He hails from Nibo in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State. He has Nigeria Certificate in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Education, both in English Language. He lives in Awka. His works are published in different online platforms.

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