By: Johnbosco Igwe

I can assure you that the primary objective for the atrocious bloodletting at Lekki Toll Gate was not simply to intimidate peaceful protesters into backing down. The motive was as much sinister as it was strategic.

It was to corrupt the strong morals of the protesters and to awaken the dark forces in us. They wanted to make us less admirable!

The strength of the protests had lain in their peacefulness and organic integrity. Compelling civility was why the protests became popular and was starting to attract international sympathy. It was why financial donations that sustained the movement kept flowing in, because people felt they were contributing to a noble cause. It was why the firewalls of certainty about lack of consequences began to collapse around our common enemies. And they (our common enemies) did not like that.

They knew if they killed some of us, the rest of us who survived might run wild in anger. Anger which would then lead us to turn against each other and to destroy our own household, in a futile bid to sooth our pains. They knew that untamed anger would tempt us to let down our guards, making it easier for criminal elements to break into our ranks to sabotage our righteous cause. So they sought to make us less righteous in the eyes of the world in this manner.

We fell for the bait!!!

Therefore, at the moment, having successfully turned saints into sinners, our common enemies must be watching on in scornful delight as we kill ourselves and decimate our fortunes. We have gone mad! Destroying our own home in the random hope that in doing so we might somehow get back at our enemies.

Our land has become the theater of this unconventional warfare, and we are not even perceptive enough to see the plans of our enemies. Worst still, the enemies have succeeded in manipulating us into fighting ourselves and burning down the fruits of our labour, while they watch on with great pleasure. Our former international admirers and sympathizers are now calling us rioters and misfits. We have shown we are not adept at strategy.

“The brother with whom I have gone out hunting shouldn’t suddenly turn around to say that I match the description of the game we are after”. That’s an Igbo proverb.

The truth is that we may have won a few battles in the beginning, but ultimately we are on the verge of losing the war.

In corrupt English “we think we are doing them, but we are doing ourselves”!

It is almost too late. But if we regain our sanity now, maybe we can salvage something of our initial goal.

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