by Phina

Have the lord’s glory truly departed from our land
Have we suddenly become like the Israelites of old;
So quick on turning away from our creator
Have we suddenly become captives in our own land;
Freedom a thing of the past

When did we sell our souls so deep to the devil?
When did killing ourselves become a norm here?
When did a brother killing his brother become so acceptable?
When did the shepherd become the prey?
When did our leaders become our nightmares?
When did we get here?

Our youths go out seeking for amendment
We don’t see them coming back
What we see is their blood spill on our land
Their dead bodies are sent home to us
Just at what point did we get here

Let us turn back to our creator
Our land is in turmoil and only He can save us
Let us repent and come back to God
Only He can purify this sacrilege
The blood of our lost brothers call out for vengeance

We need a new Home
We need our lives
We need God
We need God

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