I Want To Go Home

By: Callistus Chisom

I used to hear stories
I even saw in a picture
And I have many fantasies
A place my dad said was once my home

So beautiful it appeared in my fathers mind
The imagination so colorful
That in my boast I once reigned
Boasting upon a dream I fail to see

That home is far from what I see
Or maybe my father lied
‘Cause he wanted to brag about a generation better than mine
But I see evidence on screens and books
Or could it be the historians writing on wishful thinking

How come we taste no such glories
The glories of our fathers whom were said to have ripped this nation off colonialism
Rather My home scents blood
We linger in hunger ‘cause of whom we clamored and put in place to lead our land out of the colonial “dungeon”

Now it’s clear!
When we clamoured to be let loose of these chains
Thinking our freedoms’ held up by the brits
But it’s clear now that the freedom we seek is staged
Staged in a city where the 3 main tribe convene

We can’t be free
We can’t be free today ‘cause we are gripped to a promised future
We can’t be free today ‘cause we let one tell us how we can seize a failed tomorrow
We can’t be free today for we don’t know the lock to our chains yet

If we can’t be free today
Let’s drop the word freedom
And pull over to Choice
The choice to be great again is ours
I am tired of now
And I Want To Go Home to a place like that in my fathers’ story

2 thoughts on “I Want To Go Home

  1. Atimes I do not even know if I want to go back to this home. I just need and want to be happy and peaceful wherever I am. I need things to be ok again without thinking or worrying our lives, properties and will.

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