Nigeria: I Hail Thee!

I hail thee,
For the colourful red paint,
You used in decorating our toll gate.

I hail thee,
For the sacrifice of your lambs,
Who amidst slaughter, sang your anthem.

I hail thee,
For shrugging off our yearnings,
Despite our hands clutching your robe,
And our pitiful eyes, looking up for help.

I hail thee,
For your provision of pillowful-motherly heart,
Where every aching head is pinned to rest in peace.

For all these and many more,
We hail thee!

Nwokeabia, Ifeanyi John is a poet and teacher. He hails from Nibo in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State. He has Nigeria Certificate in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Education, both in English Language. He lives in Awka. His works are published in different online platforms.

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