By: Evaristus Muoghalu (Fr.)
Someone told me today that our entire story is the story of God. How true can this be explained to a Nigerian Youth who had prayed all his or her life for a better Nigeria? In all my years of learning to be a man, nothing prepared me for what had come to inscribe and tattoo itself in and on me, nothing prepared me for 20-10-2020.
I remember as a kid how we committed to memory the Nigerian Pledge. I relive such experience with tears: how could I ever imagine that I would be beaten and asked not to shed a tear? Be injured and asked not to bruise? Or be killed and asked not to die? How could I do what is natural to me and instantly jinxed to turn into a cadaver? What was their crime: they just sang the songs of the initiates, using the words taught them by their fatherland, waving those colours which should have meant something to everyone but, all they received were shock. There is no coming back from 20-10-2020. Nothing could ever be done to reface that story. No plastic surgery can amend that.
Dear God, which side of this story is yours? Oh God, I am sincerely asking, which part of this story bears your face?
With so much tears in my eyes and so much blood bleeding from my heart, I join in the story of 20-10-2020, I am waving my flag, I am reechoing their chants, and hoping with one of them that “Nigeria will not end me”. I am saying that our hope will never fail us. We must fight the good fight and if we are martyred, our blood will water the green fields of those colours for our next generation; the white colour having been stained by our blood, we will never live only on hope but live in purity and peace.
I no longer pledge to Nigeria my country, no. it has never worked. I pledge to the Nigeria I had always dreamed of and I pledge that in my pursuit for it, to be faithful, loyal and honest. God, I hope this is the part of story that is unfolding; being so, I see that really, our entire story is the story of God. I hope so.

In loving memory of the fallen heroes of the #ENDSARS Protest of 20-10-2020.

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