The Revolution Has No Tribe

It all began with a single hand raised
With a voice saying No!
We’ve had enough
Enough waving a flag long dead

That Flag used to be our Nation’s Glory

Singing much Enough!
Of SARS – Bad Government – Negative God-fatherism – Police brutalities
Enough of every impunity holding us down
This was the voice of a lady

Lady not from my TRIBE

The first march began with a hand full of brave youths
Marching the streets in one voice
Numbers grew and this time my Tribesmen march the streets too

What were we thinking

That our government would care
But it’s all lie to our guts
We made it a national protest
Thinking we knew our leaders

They would change and submit to us

We saw a conspiracy
Our leaders conniving with thugs
Thugs came into the streets led by governmental agencies
These men are not from our tribe

We fight for them too

These hoodlums came distorting the peace
Destroying properties and hitting us who walk the road for all salvation
They became the wolf the government appreciated

I’m pretty sure these were mercenaries from other Nation

When they see us marching past these thugs
They feared the sunrise
For we have awoken
And stirring up the realm of hope

Men in Uniform gathered with barricades

We saw our gallant soldiers
We rejoiced thinking they march with us
What a trust we had
What a shame our trust was betrayed

Our Military killing us in our gate of hope

We picked up our fallen heroes in our nations pride
Our colour turned into Green Red Green
Peace was overthrown and our blood fed the nations greed
We move with our Anthem in our hearts

The labour of our fallen heroes shall not be in vain

We only clamour for change
We clamour for Good Governance
We clamour for End of Military Brutality
We shout with hope


@Callistus Chisom Writes

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