The Short Iroko Tree

When an Iroko tree suddenly becomes short then it is abysmal outrightly. Who can give me an explanation when the cock that lays egg starts giving birth to offsprings, it is an incredible story to hear. The Iroko tree will become short only when it has been affected by some factors like withering, lack of manure, maintenance, love and care which would sustain its stature. My dear country Nigeria which is called the “Giant of Africa” has become the short Iroko tree. It is going down in all facets- human resources, economy, political maintenance etc. Who can accurately mention the endowment that Nigeria has? Or give a correct estimate of Nigeria’s population? Am afraid not me or you can. The Iroko tree-Nigeria, Africa’s apex craws while the sub countries fly in the skies.

Down the history of Nigeria, our country has produced failed, insensitive and carefree leaders that were not after the well-being of the citizens. Our leaders used the followers as ladders to ascend to power and fell the ladder afterwards. Our leaders turned the followers into empty gongs and later called them noisy people. They swallowed our resources and vomited few after their ascension into offices. It was such attitude thst Thomas Hobbes regards as “man’s inhuman attitude to man”. They fail to remember that the tree, the monkey and the banana are needed none is more important. A neglected person acts invisibly and out minded-this has become the attitude of followers in our beloved country Nigeria. The followers work against the leaders and thwart all their plans to their favour then the center shakes and breaks, giving way to negative outcome. Tell me how the tall tree will not diminish gradually. The Iroko tree is short, birds and beast of the air flew away from it because it is uncomfortable to inhabit. How could we stoop so low to allow our natural resources and grace sapped from us by our masters who claimed to salvage us? it happened because of our self-centered attitude and greed. When the heavy wind comes the tree cannot withstand the weight so it puts everything on it in danger. Nigeria like the short Iroko now with hazards cannot handle it and that puts other countries into problem. Nigeria my country, Giant of Africa now the least one. Why did you give room to be deceived and drained? Was it that our leaders were unwise? Was it that our leaders were naïve? Was it that our leaders were younger or was it that our followers were indifferent huh? Yet to understand. Whichever of the above it is, the fact remains that Nigeria has become a short Iroko tree.

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