Just Married

Possessed of her charm
All I could think is my flap

Permit me to strech your bones with mine
To adjust and fix the inner you
To free thee of depression
By sending my soul to entangle with yours

To penetrate and pound
To know thy skin and rub thy flesh
Cause thee pleasure and make thee groan
To embrace every curve and every inch

To set thy will apart and make thy memory blur
That the whole world becomes I and all you see me
To read thy mind through thy eyes as I go deep beneath the layer
Too deep that I will lose my senses and entangle our souls

Too deep that your moans will be a cacophony of melody
Melodious even for the angels for it is our due
Let go and let in
I will breath through you for I will be lost in you

I will be stylish that the memory will never be outdated
I will fondle and dandle you
Know your flesh and freshness
Because I will be your world and word

Have a juice
And increase our name
Accept this invitation
And I will clock till dawn

Permit me to permeate
I will be a visitor you will never forget
Because I will keep your biological clock
Experience for yourself the bell of vitality

Yes we won’t fear the forces that watch
For the approval we have is eternal
Even in the next world we would be together
Coupling for we have been coupled

Singing praises to our selves
For not even death can do us apart
Not even death will make you less sensual
Even there, you will always dink my bell

Let the God bless us
For we are not lust oriented
We have waited till this moment
To obey that divine injunction

In your eyes it is written
You want to be lost in me
Let the gods guide us
For this journey which brought ruin to many

Come have my piece and replace it with yours
For it is your due
May we be blessed as we partake in this ritual
And contribute our quota to the world

Spardo Stephen

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