By Kingsley Eze

Under a confused mantra of “return to origin”, you have said we should denounce Christianity because, according to you, it is the “White man’s religion” and that we should return to the gods of our ancestors.
It is high time we realized, you said, that the Holy Communion is no different “thing” from our traditional kolanut and that the white man has made us hate our own and turn to their own. Okay. No problem.
I understand that you trying to show a decolonized mentality – that you are breaking the imperial chains no less mentally than you have physically. That’s good.
But it is sheer stupidity to reject a thing simply on the ground of its western origin. Providence has made the two cultures, African and Western embrace. And an embrace of cultures never leave those cultures ever the same. You learn from others just as they learn from you since neither is an Island.
So, if you really want to dump everything of western origin, you mustn’t stop at Christianity: relinquish your toothbrush and paste, those your ready-made jeans and shirts, your electric bulb and all your gadgets… in fact even the phone you are using to post your traditionalist manifesto.
You said we should not go to church “because Christianity is European,” but you have been pouring libation for Man U to win the Europa!
Mr-Return-to-the-Root, you live in Enugu, near the stadium, and yet you never watch Rangers; instead you fan Man City, a club in faraway Europe.
You don’t hate me for loving Bethany England even though she is from England, but you condemn me for following Jesus Christ simply because he is not our kinsman?


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