I’m sitting docile in my sorrow
The fears and uncertainties of no tomorrow
Realities of pains hard to swallow
Leaving logics hard to follow
Sitting here immersed in fear
Ruled,controlled,and deceived by fears
Makes me burst in tears

Overcomed by deceitful issues
“Hold on a second,let me grab a tissue”
Now back to the subject
Yea,deceitful issues
Where you’re torn,and scorn,lied to and misused
Where you are told to stop before you even start
Where they think you sew dumb
But told everyone you are smart

Where your uniqueness becomes meekness
And they take your kindness as a weakness
Where they come,rub you,hug you drain you
And they say they love you
These tears,these fears
Then mug you,sub you and then plug you

for sure these tears will always linger.

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